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HealthForAll is a virtual cross-border collaboration platform, connecting the international healthcare ecosystem with Taiwan’s dominant industries. The platform provides a unique opportunity for corporate-startup engagement across the areas of medical data, R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing, supply chain, and ICT to foster long-term collaborations. 

What's In It For

The HealthForAll platform provides a unique opportunity to the global startup community to engage and potentially establish long-term collaborations with Taiwan corporates. The platform will give selected startups the opportunity to conduct virtual meetings with corporates interested in further exploring collaboration with the startups. There is no cost involved for startups, just  the potential of conducting a virtual meeting with industry heavyweights in Taiwan. 

Research & Development
Medical Data
Clinical Trial
Information & Communications Technology
Supply Chain
With Corporates

The importance on corporate-startup collaborations cannot be overstated, but despite this there are still many challenges that are faced in achieving successful outcomes. Taiwan has been established as a global powerhouse in ICT and manufacturing and in order to maintain its competitive advantage they are now looking towards the global startup ecosystem to help drive a new era of innovation.  There is an overwhelming amount of large enterprises in Taiwan eager to connect and collaborate with startups. 

Corporate Reverse 
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Taiwan's Innovation

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for a rapid shift within the healthcare delivery model. The meteoric rise of digital health solutions has seen the uncoupling of healthcare assets from healthcare services resulting in an increased focus on artificial intelligence, point-of-care diagnostics, and wearable biometric monitoring technologies.

Taiwan is uniquely positioned to drive innovation forward in the digital transformation of healthcare, as the ecosystem is already dominant in may of the industries involved in this shift.

Our industry dominance, your innovative solutions.
What Are We Looking

We are calling the international startup community interested in exploring opportunities with Taiwan corporates. We are looking to attract startups teams from across the globe that are able to help corporates address there innovations needs and potentially help them solve some of there most challenging problems. The current stage of your startup is not that important, we are more focused on the value alignment between the corporate and startup.

Criteria One

Startups that are focused on the healthcare industry.

Criteria Two

Startups that have a clear business model with some market validation that would indicate product-market-fit.

Criteria Three

Startups that can clearly state why they are best suited to address a corporates innovation needs.

Criteria Four

Startups interested in connecting with Taiwan corporates, but not a requirement that they currently have an Asian specific market focus.  

When, Where
& How?

The HealthForAll platform will strive to facilitate corporate-startup match making on a continuous basis, as we strengthen the relationships between corporates and the international startup community. 

The first phase batch of this program will seek 10 international teams that will have the opportunity to conduct virtual meetings with corporates in Taiwan.

Applications Open

September 14th 2020

Application Close

October 31st 2020

Virtual Meetings

November 09th-20th 2020

Virtual Ticket

If there is a strong potential for collaboration after the initial virtual meetings we will help selected startups to travel to Taiwan in order to continue business discussions with corporate partners.


This is will not be a fully paid trip, but we are committed to help build relationships between corporates and startups and look forward to helping make this possible with both financial and non-financial resources.  

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